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Community Events

ATTENTION!! Our originally scheduled game Meetup is happening!!

Cartersville Women's Older Board Games and Bowling Meetup

Cheryl Zink, one of our regular attendees, has graciously stepped up and offered to host this previously scheduled meet up, since I can't be there... I so much appreciate her!! Please respond ASAP if you can still make it. Thank you so much!!

Guided Paddle trip on the Etowah (Euharlee to 411)

Kayak Classes and Trips for Beginners!

We usually share this section of the river with very few people, even on holidays. This is beginner/family friendly. Rental boats available. IF YOU HAVE NEVER PADDLED THIS SECTION OF THE ETOWAH, DON'T MISS YOUR CHANCE. THIS SECTION IS ONE OF THE...

Iron Hill Trail Red Top Mountain Hike and lunch

30's & 40s Hikers and Adventurers

This is a scenic and relaxing hike with water view along Allatoona lake, 3.8 mile. The Iron Hill Trailhead is about 1 mile from the visitor center. If you don’t have annual parking pass, you will need to stop by at the Visitor Center of Red Top...